Books by Sri Chinmoy

- a selection of Sri Chinmoy's most popular titles

Listed below are some of Sri Chinmoy's most popular book titles encompassing a wide variety of spiritual topics. Each link offers a short description of the book featured, a list of topics and some excerpts.

Meditation Book - by Sri Chinmoy   - a comprehensive introduction to meditation. The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy   - the spiritual wisdom of Sri Chinmoy's words. Beyond Within   - a philosophy for the inner life. Yoga and the Spiritual Life   - articles, questions and answers on the inner life. Kundalini: The Mother Power   - the power of the Mother aspect of the Divine.

Sri Chinmoy Writing
Sri Chinmoy

The Source of Music   - self-expansion through spiritual music and mantras.

The Master and the Disciple   - insights into the Guru-disciple relationship.

The Summits of God-Life: Samadhi and Siddhi   - Liberation, Enlightenment, Nirvana and Realisation. Astrology, the Supernatural and the Beyond   - a spiritual perspective on astrology, the supernatural and the Beyond. On Wings of Silver Dreams   - questions and answers on the spiritual significance of dreams. Death and Reincarnation   - Eternity's voyage. God Is...   - selected writings of Sri Chinmoy. A Child's Heart and A Child's Dreams   - growing up with spiritual wisdom: a guide for parents and children. The Wings of Joy   - finding your path to inner peace. My Life's Soul-Journey   - daily meditations for ever-increasing spiritual fulfilment. The Garden of the Soul   - lessons on living in peace, happiness and harmony.

Books by Sri Chinmoy

The Divine Hero   - winning in the battlefield of life. Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden   - aphorisms for joy and inspiration.

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