Keeping our Promise to God

A question about our promise to God

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Question: How can we forgive injustice?

Sri Chinmoy: When we came into the world, we made a sincere, soulful and solemn promise to God that we would realise God, manifest God and fulfil God here on earth. At that time we were in the soul's world; our real existence was the soul. We said, "I am descending into the world only to please You, to fulfil You, to manifest You unconditionally." The people who you feel are very unjust have done something undivine, true. But look at your own promise. You expect perfection from other people; you feel that they have to do everything in a perfect way.

Perfection comes only when we fulfil our promise. Our first and foremost promise to God was to please Him and fulfil Him on earth. We have not fulfilled our promise; yet we expect others to fulfil their promise. We have done millions of things wrong and naturally, God is forgiving us. Otherwise, we would not be able to exist on earth. If He is ready to forgive us in spite of our countless defects and mistakes, how is it that we cannot forgive someone else?

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