Sri Chinmoy's words on humility

My Life's Soul-Journey

When I am all humility, I neither underestimate nor overestimate my life. What I do is to judge my life exactly the way my Lord Supreme judges my life.

Humility is the sweetest, softest, mildest and at the same time most fertile ground in us. Look at Mother-Earth. Can there be anybody or anything as humble as Mother-Earth? Mother-Earth is holding us, receiving all impacts from us, guiding us. She is all love, all compassion and at the same time, all powerful. But when we look at Mother-Earth, the first thing that comes to our mind is humility. We see this when we appreciate nature and natural beauty all around us. How humble they are! The more humble one is, the greater is his strength.


If you are planning to run To Heaven First conquer your proud mind With your humility-heart.

- Sri Chinmoy


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