Give God a Chance

Sri Chinmoy's words on God's Will

My Life's Soul-Journey

Are you tired of being who you are? Then give God, for the first time, a chance to take care of you. God can easily take care of you and He will definitely do it. Just give Him a chance.

To realise that only God's Will can give you happiness, just see what happens when you fulfill your own will. It is all frustration. When you fulfill God's Will, you get only joy. After you have experienced this a few times, you have enough proof. When you have fulfilled your own desires or achieved something in your own way, have you really got satisfaction? Immediately the answer will be no. But God's way will definitely give you satisfaction.



Remembrance is painful When I see that in vain My sweet Lord tried to change me. Remembrance is delightful When at long last I have surrendered my orphan-will To God's omnipotent Will.

- Sri Chinmoy


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