God the Love

Where there is love, real love, there can be no fear.

The Wings of Joy

Why do we fear? We fear because we have separated ourselves from God's Love and we are apt to think of God the Omnipotent, not God the All-Love. But even the omnipotent God is not a God that threatens or strikes us with an iron rod every time we make a mistake.

There is no such being as God the tyrant. There is only one God, and that God is God the Love. This God does not punish us. This God is constantly shaping us in His own way. It is He who is the Doer, it is He who is the Action, and it is He who is the Enjoyer, both in the action and in the result. We feel that we are the doers, and that if we do something wrong God will punish us mercilessly. This is not so. It is God's Dream that each individual embodies. It is God's Reality that each individual has to manifest here on earth. It is in each human being that God's Reality lives.

Since we are praying to God the Almighty, meditating on God the Almighty, why should we be afraid of anything or anyone? A child feels his mother has all the power in the world. When he is afraid of anything, he runs to his mother because he knows that his mother has utmost affection for him. You are a spiritual child of God, so when you are attacked by any kind of fear, immediately try to run toward the sweet Supreme, who is all Compassion, all Love, all Blessings. Since you are a seeker, there should be no fear, for you are taking shelter inside the infinite Affection of the Absolute Supreme.

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