A Child's Heart and a Child's Dreams

Growing up with spiritual wisdom: a guide for parents and children

A Child's Heart and A Child's Dreams

Publishers: Aum Publications - 123 pages
ISBN: 0-88497-862-1
Price: $14.95 NZD - to purchase, please Contact Us.

Sri Chinmoy offers practical advice on a subject that is not just an idealist's dream, but a concerned parent's lifeline: fostering your child's spiritual life, watching them grow up with the love of God and a heart of self-giving.

Topics Include:
A Child's Heart and a Child's Dreams
Your Role as a Parent
Your Child's Spiritual Growth
A Parent's Guide to Meditation
Education and Spirituality
Why Is God Up in the Sky?
Children's Conversations with God
Stories for Children


The Significance of a Child l A Childlike Heart l Children and Beauty
Fulfilling the Children of the World l Your Role as a Parent
Seeing God in your Child l A Child's Question

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