God Is...

Selected writings of Sri Chinmoy.

God Is...

Publisher: Aum Publications - 230 pages
ISBN: 0-88497-059-0
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These insights about God are taken from the more than 1,000 books Sri Chinmoy has written in over 40 years of teaching spirituality and meditation. His intimate knowledge of the Divine transcends religious dogma and scripture, shedding light on all seeker's paths to God.

Topics include:
God's Cosmic Game
Seeing God in All
How to Speak with God
A Personal Approach to God
God the Father, God the Mother, God the Friend
God's Love
God's Compassion
God's Justice
God's Forgiveness
God's Will
Fate versus Free Will
The Meaning of Suffering
Immortality and Eternity
Religion and Spirituality
Heaven and Hell
Good and Evil


God's Love l God's Love and God's Compassion l Keeping our Promise to God
God and Humanity l Mother Earth l Suffering and Purification

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