God’s Grace

Sri Chinmoy's words on God's Grace

My Life's Soul-Journey

God's Grace can and will blot out the past if and when you are ready to face and transcend the facts of your present life.

When we are doing something wrong, if we know that there is someone who has boundless Grace, boundless Compassion, then let us go to Him for rescue. But we also have to understand consciously that we should not do things that are wrong because of the law of karma, the law of action, will call on us. If I go on doing wrong things, how can I expect a better life, a more fulfilling life? No. I have to pay for it. Every moment God has given me the chance either to do the right thing or, if I make friends with ignorance, to do the wrong thing. So it is up to me. If I do the right thing, naturally I will have God's Light, Peace, Bliss, Harmony and Perfection in my life, and if I do wrong, I have to pay the price exacted by the law of karma.


No experience is free In the outer world. No realisation is free In the inner world.

- Sri Chinmoy


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