The Master and the Disciple

Insights into the Guru-disciple relationship

The Master and the Disciple

Publisher: Aum Publications - 110 pages
ISBN: 0-88497-132-5
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What is a Guru? There are running gurus, diet gurus, even stock market gurus. But to those in search of enlightenment, the Guru is not merely an expert, he embodies the way to their self-realisation.

"The most important thing a Guru does for his spiritual children is to make them aware of something vast and infinite within themselves, which is nothing other than God Himself." - Sri Chinmoy.

Topics Include:
Prologue: The Guru
The Role of the Guru
Choosing a Guru
The Realised Master
The Master and the Disciple
Oneness with the Master
Stories and Plays


The Spiritual Master l Benefits of Having a Spiritual Master
The Role of the Spiritual Master l Initiation

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