What is Meditation?

A question about meditation

 Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

Meditation is man's self-awakening and God's Self-offering. When man's self-awakening and God's Self-offering meet together, man becomes immortal in the inner world and God becomes fulfilled in the outer world.

In the life of aspiration, we want only God. If we sincerely want God, then naturally He will give Himself to us. But He will do it in His own way and at His own time. If we pray and meditate with sincere aspiration for certain qualities, even if God does not grant them to us, still we will be satisfied. We will simply say, "He knows best. Right now I am not ready for these things. But He will definitely give them to me the day I am ready." In the life of aspiration it is not our achievement that gives us satisfaction; it is our aspiration. Aspiration itself is our satisfaction.


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