Sri Chinmoy's words on adversity

My Life's Soul-Journey

Adversity makes you dynamic. Adversity forces your eyes wide open. Adversity teaches you the meaning of patience. Adversity endows you with faith in yourself. Adversity opens the secret door through which you can see the ultimate future fulfillment of God's Will.

Let us not concern ourselves with frustration and suffering. Yes, they are here, but let us try to bring down God's Grace. If He Himself wants to carry our frustration, we will be making ourselves happy. Even if God does not take our pain, we can still let the flow of His Grace and Compassion descend into us. Then immediately it will illumine all our suffering, frustration and adversity.


You can face the world each day If you pray and discuss with God You own life-problems Early in the morning.

- Sri Chinmoy


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