The Source of Music

Self-Expansion through Spiritual Music and Mantras

The Source of Music

Publisher: Aum Publications - 131 pages ISBN: 0-88497-575-4 Price: $19.95 NZD - to purchase, please Contact Us.

Description: In the first part of this book Sri Chinmoy explores the spiritual dimensions of music. He presents music as a vehicle to expand one's consciousness and as the living expression of the divine Consciousness within. Whether you are a musician or simply a music-lover, his advice and guidance will help you use the power of music to get in touch with your highest self.

Part two explores the use of mantra and japa for spiritual growth and fulfillment. Detailed instructions on their use include specific mantras for spiritual progress, health, wealth and more.

Topis Include: Music and Spirituality Vital Music and Illumination-Music Becoming an Instrument: Composing and Performing The Soulful Singer Mantras and Chanting Aum: The Mother of all Mantras Listening with the Heart Music from the Mountaintops: The Heights of Consciousness God the Supreme Musician Epilogue: Master Musicians – Interviews with Pablo Casals and Leonard Bernstein


Aspiration and Music l Creativity as Meditation l Music and Meditation Playing Music during Meditation l Soulful Music l The Duty of an Artist The Mind and the Senses l The Power of Music l The Universal Language of God

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