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Man and God are one another's supreme necessity. Man needs God for his highest transcendental realisation and God needs man for His absolute earthly manifestation. Man needs God to realise his highest truth, his highest existence. God needs man to manifest Him here on earth totally divinely and supremely.

We feel that we need God more than God needs us, but this is wrong. God needs us equally if not more. Why? He knows our potentialities and possibilities infinitely better than we do. We think of ourselves as useless, hopeless, helpless, but in God's Eye we are really His divine instruments. He wants to use us in infinite ways. This is His Dream that He wants to transform into Reality. God wants us to be not only infinite but also eternal and immortal. He knows we have that capacity because He has given us the capacity. Now He wants us to utilise our capacity.

God has a living Breath, And the name of that Breath is man. Man has a living Goal, And the name of that Goal is God.

- Sri Chinmoy


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