Loving the Real in Us

About loving the Real in us

The Divine Hero

I love myself. What do I love about myself? Not my body. If I love my body for the sake of my body, tomorrow I shall be frustrated because there are millions of human beings on earth who are more beautiful than I am. Naturally I will feel miserable. If I love my mind for the sake of my mind, tomorrow I shall see millions of mental giants right in front of me, and my mental capacity will fade into insignificance. If I love my vital dynamism for the sake of my vital dynamism, then I shall see that there are millions of people who are simply inundated with striking dynamism. Similarly, if I love anything else of my own for it's own sake, I am bound to be frustrated. I shall defeat my own divine purpose.

If I love myself just because God is expressing Himself through this body, vital, mind, heart and soul, then I see that I am unique and peerless in the whole history of the universe. No other person is going to be created by God with the same capacities, the same understanding, the same experiences. Each individual can love himself just because he is a direct channel of the Divine. God wants to express Himself in each individual in a unique way. When we become consciously and fully one with God, we not only fulfill Him but we also fulfill ourselves.

When we say that we really and truly love ourselves, it means that we consciously feel that Truth is constantly breathing in us, with us and for us. Our very breath on earth is the living reality of the Truth. We love and adore ourselves at every moment, not because of our sound bodies, dynamic vitals, refined minds and pure hearts, but because God is inside us, God is utilising us, God is fulfilling Himself in us and through us. Each individual has to be surcharged with this supreme Truth. We should each consciously feel that our life on earth is the outer manifestation of the Supreme's inner Breath. How should we value the inner life? We should value the inner life slowly, steadily, sincerely and devotedly. If we do it in that way, then the inner life is bound to grant us infinite Peace, infinite Light and infinite Bliss.

When you accept the inner life, You heart's reality-cry Must replace your mind's imagination-smile. What is your heart's reality-cry? Your heart's reality-cry Is nothing other than God's own Transcendental Vision-Smile.

- Sri Chinmoy


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