Garden of the Soul

Lessons on Living in Peace, Happiness and Harmony

Garden of the Soul

Publisher: Health Communications Inc. - 244 pages ISBN: 1-55874-314-6 Price: $24.95 NZD - to purchase, please Contact Us.

Description: Sri Chinmoy's timeless message of love, compassion, inner peace and oneness with the world and all it's people is captured in this exquisite collection of inspiring poems, parables, folk tales and affirmations. In simple but powerful language, this profound work conveys wise universal lessons from the East to readers of all backgrounds.

The lyrical beauty of Sri Chinmoy's words is accompanied by the artistry of his soul-bird illustrations. As part of an internationally acclaimed collection, the drawings seek to express the essence of consciousness, of the soul which flies in infinity. This beautiful book will take flight in your heart and lift your spirit.

Topics Include: Inspiring poems, parables, folk tales and affirmations.


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