The Wings of Joy

Finding your path to inner peace

The Wings of Joy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster - 208 pages
ISBN: 0-684-82242-3
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This treasure trove of wisdom has inspired hope and joy in the hearts of thousands. The Wings of Joy was first published by Simon and Schuster in 1997 and, after ten printings, continues to gain popularity among peace-lovers everywhere. Charming insights into higher realities shine throughout short, easy-to-read sections. Here is a book which freely discusses God in a refreshing, universal way, neither dogmatic nor religious.

Topics include:
Living in Joy
Meditation: The Key to the Inner Life
Doubt-Poison and Faith-Nectar
Fear-Enemy and Courage-Hero
The Jewel of Humility
Moving from Worry to Confidence
The Power of Love
From Jealousy-Fever to Oneness-Heart
Two Swift Runners – Cheerfulness and Enthusiasm
The Descent of Compassion
Cultivating the Patience-Tree
The Breath of a New Hope
Peace: The Return to the Source
Our Lifelong Friends – Simplicity and Sincerity
Purity's Snow-white Blossoms
The Dance of Light
The Wings of Joy


The Wings of Joy l The Inner Cry l Start Here and Now l Planting Faith-Seeds l God the Love
The Jewel of Humility l Akbar's Clever Minister l Mahatma Gandhi's Matchless Sincerity

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