Sri Chinmoy's words on attachment

My Life's Soul-Journey

Man's attachment to man binds man. Man's devotion to God liberates man.

Nobody can be as happy as a man who has detachment. We are under the impression that a man can be happy only when he is attached to something or to someone, but this is a great mistake. When we are attached to something or someone, we actually become a victim of that person or that thing. So in this world, if we want to have true joy, true peace and true divine qualities, then we must be totally detached. This detachment does not mean that we shall not work for the world; no, we shall have to work for the world, in the world, but we should not allow ourselves to be caught by anything.


My Lord Supreme Let me no longer play the game Of attachment. I wish only to play the game Of devotedness – To You, to You and to nobody else.

- Sri Chinmoy


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