On Wings of Silver Dreams

Questions and answers on the spiritual significance of dreams

On Wings of Silver Dreams

Publisher: Aum Publications - 102 pages ISBN: 0-88497-991-1 Price: $14.95 NZD - to purchase, please Contact Us.

Description: With their prophetic messages, dreams can offer us deep inner wisdom. They may fortell the future, reveal the the solution to a problem or give us a spiritual experience. We are healed by dreaming of a beloved friend or family member. There is a darker side of dreams as well. How can we decipher dreams that come to us?

Sri Chinmoy guides us through the confusing labyrinth, teaching us to understand the significance of some common dreams, and to gain some control over the kinds of dreams we have.

Topics Include: What is a dream? Where do dreams come from? What is the best way to learn the meaning of our dreams? What is the difference between dreaming in colour and dreaming in black and white? What does it mean when you see colours in a dream? What is the significance of flying in a dream? What is the significance of oceans, rivers and other bodies of water in our dreams?


The Significance of Colour in Dreams l Do Dreams Materialise? Dreams as Realities l What Determines what we Dream?

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