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Sri Chinmoy

Biography of Sri Chinmoy – This short biography touches on the main aspects of Sri Chinmoy's inspirational life and activities – a legacy that reminds us of what is best in us and that our spirituality is the greatest force for good on earth.


Body-Mind-Spirit – Delight in the sense of well-being and dynamism conferred by running and training. The body is filled with life force, the mind is clear, the heart is happy – even the soul is pleased. Illumining insights into the body-mind-spirit connection by Sri Chinmoy.

Books by Sri Chinmoy

Books by Sri Chinmoy – Here we feature a selection of Sri Chinmoy's most popular titles encompassing a wide variety of spiritual topics including Sri Chinmoy's Meditation book. Each link offers a short description of the book featured, a list of topics and some excerpts.

Music by Sri Chinmoy

Music by Sri Chinmoy – Sri Chinmoy's music on tapes and CDs; music and audio aids to enhance our meditation practice that includes two of Sri Chinmoy's most popular meditative flute albums, Flute Music for Meditation and The Life River, and two guided meditation albums.

Sri Chinmoy in New Zealand

Sri Chinmoy in New Zealand – Sri Chinmoy has visited New Zealand four time since 1987. This section chronicles those visits – the highlights of which have been the free concerts he has offered for the public. His most recent visit was in the summer of 2002/2003.

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