The Wings of Joy

Happiness is love bubbling forth into the newness and fullness of true life.

What is joy? It is a bird that we all want To catch It is the same bird that we all love To see flying.

The Wings of Joy

When we have a happy heart, we move forward. We dive deep within. We fly. Progress is in movement, and this movement comes only when we have joy and we become joy. When we are happy, we are making real progress.

As the Savior Christ taught, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." The Kingdom of Heaven is something that we can feel; it is a matter of our own inner achievement.

Heaven is a plane of consciousness that is full of peace and delight. We create Heaven with our own divine thoughts. The moment we think something good, the moment we pray and meditate and try to offer the inner light that we have gained to the world at large, we begin to live in Heaven. Our aspiration, our mounting inner cry, leads us to this Kingdom. The higher we go beyond our limited consciousness, the quicker we shall enter into our deepest, infinite consciousness and the more intimately we shall see, feel and possess the Kingdom of Heaven within ourselves. Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Not only can we feel it, but, without the least possible doubt, we can become it.

The ever-mounting flame Of my heart's aspiration-cry Is the source of my life's Ever-increasing joy and delight.

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