Illumining insights into the body-mind-spirit connection by Sri Chinmoy

What a joy it is to delight in the sense of well-being and dynamism conferred by running and training. The body is filled with life force, the mind is clear, the heart is happy – even the soul is pleased. The following little gold nuggets of wisdom are spoken comments offered verbatim by sports lover and fitness advocate Sri Chinmoy, in response to various questions about the role of physical excellence in our life journey. These charming and original insights invite us to be inspired about the limitless potential of the body when harnessed to the aspiration of spirit; to explore the idea of self-transcendence with its urge to surpass previous achievements; and to set goals, dream our impossible dreams then make them a reality. And with the foundation of dynamism and health that running creates, and the self-discipline and self-belief which it encourages, how much your whole life will become a song of joy!

Sri Chinmoy finishing