The Power of Purity

A question on Purity

The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy

Question: Please speak to us about the power of purity.

Sri Chinmoy: Purity is the Light of our soul expressing its divinity through the body, the vital and the mind. When we are pure, we gain everything. If we can retain our purity, we will never lose anything worth keeping. Today we may have great thoughts or great inner power, but tomorrow we are bound to lose them if we are not pure. Purity is the breath of the Supreme. When purity leaves us, the breath of the Supreme also leaves, and we are left with only our human breath.

Purity is like a divine magnet. It pulls all divine qualities into us. If you have purity, then you have everything. There are two ways to have purity. One is by seeing God inside everyone, consciously and constantly. The other is by imagining God and consciously repeating His name as many times as possible. If you have purity, you do not have to go to God. God Himself will make you see His infinite Divinity. What God is will be reflected in you.

Purity expedites God's hour. Purity embodies God's power. If you have purity, then there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Purity is the harbinger of selfless oneness, eternity's perfect, selfless oneness with God.

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