Poems from Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden

Featuring two aphorisms from each chapter.


True inner joy is self-created. It does not depend on outer circumstances Or outer achievements.


Judge nothing You will be happy. Forgive everything You will be happier. Love everything You will be the happiest.

The Heart

Our differences disappear The moment we come to realise That all hearts are one.


Happy is my heart, Fulfilled is my life, When I soulfully appreciate The beauty of creation.


Hope is sweet. Hope is illumining. Hope is fulfilling. Hope can be everlasting. Therefore, do not give up hope, Even in the sunset of your life.


What is faith? Faith is the unmistakable Fulfiller of human hopes.


What is a challenge, If not a friend In disguise To strengthen us?


Not what happens to you But how you accept it Is of paramount importance.


When you meditate, Think of a morning flower Smiling and smiling, Radiating it's beauty and Offering it's fragrance. This is how you can make friends With your soul And fly with it infinitely higher Than the confines of the mind.

I meditate So that my mind Cannot complicate My life.

The Mind

Your mind's doubts Create all problems for you, But your heart's faith Can offer you most adequate solutions.


A heart of silence Has the capacity To deepen The poise of the mind.


Lasting peace must begin Within the depths of the individual And from there spread In ever-widening circles As a dynamic force For a world change.


To follow the crowd Is to miss The destination.

The Seeker

Our lives on earth Last for a few years only, But Our hopes and promises on earth We leave behind to last Permanently.


When the mind Is clear The dream Is bright.


To get happiness Just look for it in the right place. The right place, Is your self-giving heart.


Every self-giving effort Of every human being Is needed to change The fate of the world.

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