Yoga and the Spiritual Life

Yoga and the Spiritual Life

Publisher: Aum Publications - 210 pages ISBN: 0-88497-040-X Price: $19.95 NZD - to purchase, please Contact Us.

Description: Yoga means union - union with God. Each person's journey in life begins and ultimately ends with that union. Written in a practical vein, this book offers the newcomer, as well as the advanced seeker, a deep understanding of the theories, methods and inner realities of the philosophy of Yoga and Eastern mysticism. In a section devoted to questions and answers, Sri Chinmoy, an illumined teacher, offers explanations with a clarity and authenticity rarely encountered.

Topics Include: Man And God Our Peace Is Within Who Is Fit For Yoga? The Strength Of Surrender Meditation: Individual And Collective Has Your Soul A Special Mission? The Role Of Purity In The Spiritual Life Two Secrets: Evolution And Reincarnation What Is The Aim Of Life? What Is Spirituality? What Is God's Plan? The Universality Of Religion Hinduism More...


Within us is our Goal l The meaning of Consciousness The Kingdom of Heaven l Faith l What is Yoga?

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