The Attitude of a Divine Hero

About the attitude needed to become a divine hero

The Divine Hero

Everyone needs victory. There are two kinds of victory. One is transient, transitory, like a mound of sand. The other is eternal, everlasting. When we gain victory by force, this victory does not last. But when we gain victory as the result of our soul’s oneness with the Supreme and our soul’s delight, this victory lasts for good.

A man who is by nature cowardly wants to conquer fear. If he can conquer fear, he feels that he will become his true self, his fearless divine self. A poor man wants to be rich; he wants to become a multimillionaire. By amassing money, he feels that he will gain victory over his poverty. A spiritual man wants to conquer ignorance, limitation, bondage and death. By conquering ignorance, he feels that he can become one with Immortality.

You should always have the attitude of a divine hero. A divine hero is a spiritual person who will work for the divine manifestation here on earth – who will act for the sake of the Divine, the Supreme. If we are frightened when a problem arises, then we cannot be chosen instruments of the Divine, of the Supreme. Life has to be accepted.

Granted, the world is all imperfection. We face problems every day. Moreover, the more spiritually advanced a person is, the greater is his suffering, due to the present conditions of the world. The world embodies divinity, but we deny even this simple truth. We have to feel the embodiment of the ultimate Truth in this world of ours, and then to reveal and manifest that Truth with our dynamic meditation, conscious aspiration and sincere dedication.

If seeing is believing, Then at every moment Keep your heart's eye Wide open And see the divine reality In everything.

- Sri Chinmoy


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