Beyond Within

A Philosophy for the Inner Life

Beyond Within

Publisher: Aum Publications - 522 pages ISBN: 0-88497-115-5 Price: $29.95 NZD - to purchase, please Contact Us.

Description: When your yearning to know the purpose of life and the reality of God has you swimming against the tide, then the wisdom of one who has successfully crossed these waters is priceless. In this enourmous collection of questions and answers, essays, poetry and parables, Sri Chinmoy leads the way, with sound advice on how to integrate the highest aspirations into your daily life.

Topics Include: Consciousness The Human Psyche Death and Reincarnation The Play of the Inner Forces The Inner Voice, Will and Freedom Spirituality Serving the World Meditation The Inner Treasure: Peace, Light and Bliss From Human Personality to Divine Individuality The Sunlight Path: Love, Devotion and Surrender God, Grace and the Guru The Goal of Goals


Consciousness l Consciousness and the Soul Human Consciousness l The Soul as our Friend

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