Sri Chinmoy's second visit to New Zealand

July 7-9, 1989

July 7th

Sri Chinmoy performs his second concert in New Zealand at the Logan Campbell Centre to an audience of over 2,000 on the evening of July 7th.

July 8th

At 10.30am in Auckland, Sri Chinmoy meets Prime Minister David Lange in an hour long meeting. A number of songs are performed for the Prime Minister including several using David Lange's words, set to music by Sri Chinmoy. Later Sri Chinmoy lifts the Prime Minister overhead on his Lifting Up the World apparatus. A cake with the Prime Minister's exact likeness replicated in icing was also presented to him prior to his departure.

Prime Minister David Lange, David
O vision-eye, O Heaven-climbing pyramid.
Champion-hero of New Zealand's soul;
No nuclear weapons, but oneness-ecstacy-goal.
Vastness-consciousness-fields sleeplessly you plough;
Freedom-loving nations to you bow and blwo.
~Sri Chinmoy

In the evening, Sri Chinmoy performs another concert and gives a talk at the Auckland University Hall to a capacity audience.

July 9th

Sri Chinmoy with local and visiting student, embark on a two hour steam train ride on the Glenbrook Vintage Railway, South Auckland.

At 2.00pm Sri Chinmoy holds a Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart program at Auckland's Regent Hotel. A number of eminent people receive the award including Precious McKenzie (Hall of Fame powerlifter) and Rod Dixon (New York Marathon winner and former two mile world record holder).

At 9.30pm Sri Chinmoy departs from Auckland International Airport.