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Those who accept life, those who accept Mother-Earth as something real, feel that they have a bounden duty to perform here. This duty is nothing other than conscious realisation of God. Unconscious awareness of God everybody has. If one is not an atheist, if one does believe in God, then he will have awareness or at least unconscious awareness of God. But a seeker becomes consciously aware of God's Presence. He meditates on God and gradually, gradually, his own consciousness develops to such an extent that he feels God's Presence constantly, everywhere. He feels that it is his bounden duty to reveal God's Presence, which he feels and which he sees with his own heart and his own eyes. Finally, he feels that he has to manifest his realisation of the highest Truth. Realisation and manifestation of the ultimate Truth have to take place here on earth, and nowhere else.

A sincere seeker is a divine hero. He fights against teeming darkness to fulfil God's Will here on earth. Otherwise there will always be a yawning gulf between earth and Heaven. This earth of ours must be transformed into Heaven, into a place of joy, peace, bliss and delight. Fate versus Free Will

Fate is the result of the past. Free will is the result of the present. When we look backward, we feel the blow of fate. When we look forward, we see the dance of golden and energising free will.

The physical consciousness or the body-consciousness is limited. When we live in the body, we experience fate. The soul is ever-free. When we live in the soul, we experience free will. It is up to us whether we live in the body consciousness or in the soul-consciousness.

The moment the soul enters into the body and we see the light of day, ignorance tries to envelop us, and fate starts its play. But light is not bound by fate. Light is the embodiment of free will. For our deplorable fate, we curse our forefathers, our friends, our neighbours, ourselves and finally God. But by cursing others, by cursing ourselves, we cannot solve our problems. We can solve our problems only if we know how to live the life of aspiration.

We are given ample opportunity to use our free will. It is we who have to utilise the opportunity in order to be fully, totally, unreservedly free. Very often seekers tell me, "Oh, I have a very unsatisfactory background." I tell them, "Why do you care for the past? The past is dust. But if you aspire, nobody can steal your present; nobody can steal your future. Your future can easily be golden."

Our free will is a child of God's infinite Will and at the same time it is part and parcel of God's infinite Will. We have only to allow it to break through the wall of ignorance and make us one with the Cosmic Will. Fate is the gate which leads us to the failure of the past. Free will is our acceptance of the future that wants to transform us, mould us, guide us and liberate us from fear, doubt, ignorance and death.

Do not surrender your will To your deplorable fate! Surrender your will Only to God's all-loving, All-protecting, all-illumining And all-fulfilling Heart.

- Sri Chinmoy


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