Joy Weekends

As Sri Chinmoy's students, we endeavour to meet together nationally at least once a month. By coming together as a spiritual family, we are able to share and also multiply our enthusiasm, inspiration and joy - while recharging our spiritual batteries in one of New Zealand's many places of natural beauty.

Sri Chinmoy enjoys a joyful moment.

Our Joy Weekends are a dynamic, modern form of spirituality - a new blend of silence and action for the singular purpose of joy, where neither tradition or ritual, cave or cathedral are prerequisite to the elevation of consciousness.

A typical Joy Weekend sees activities such as sports and games, running and tramping combined with traditional spiritual pursuits like meditation and singing. It is a melding of the simple, child-like qualities of spontaneity and enthusiasm with the meditative states of tranquility and poise, all for the uncomplicated invocation of joy.

In Sri Chinmoy's own words: "I wish to say that if this is not meditation, what else is meditation? Meditation does not mean to enter into the Himalayan caves and keep our mouth, eyes and ears shut. That is not meditation. Perhaps in the hoary past the Indian ascetics tried and perhaps they succeeded in that particular kind of meditation; but now, in the modern world, meditation is different and has to be different. Here meditation means the acceptance of life, and anything that liberates us from depression and frustration is nothing short of meditation."