Auckland Meditation Classes


" I meditate
So that I can inundate
My entire being
With the omnipotent
Power of peace."

- Sri Chinmoy


Meditation Workshops

Free learn to meditate courses and workshops are being offered in Auckland throughout the year by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. The meditation courses give a general introduction to meditation and also give participants the opportunity to meditate as part of a spiritual community. All are welcome - either complete beginners or those looking to refresh their own meditation practice.

Kindly check out our online timetable for courses details or alternatively please provide your contact details via our contact form to have a full listing of our current meditation courses posted to you.


What Does the Meditation Course Involve?

  • Introduction to basic relaxation, meditation and concentration techniques.
  • Learning to use the power of the heart to overcome the problems of the mind.
  • Guided Meditation exercises.
  • Advice on creating a daily meditation practise.
  • Music and Meditation. Discover how meditative music can enhance the experience of meditation.
  • Live Music - Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre often perform meditative music during the classes.
  • Introduction to the basic philosophy of meditation and the spiritual life.


What Type of Meditation is it?

  • The meditation classes are based on the teachings of spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy.
  • Sri Chinmoy emphasises the benefits of meditating with the spiritual heart.
  • The meditation is intuitive and does not require lots of book learning.
  • Common to other types of meditation, our meditation seeks to silence the mind and discover our own inner reality.
  • It is not affiliated to any particular religion. People are welcome from different religions or no religion.


Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Meditation Classes in Auckland are given by a variety of people including:



Jogyata Dallas

Jogyata has been giving meditation classes in Auckland for over 25 years. Although he lives in Auckland, he has also given meditation classes in other countries such as South Africa and Ireland.

 Muslim Badami

Muslim Badami

Muslim Badami has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre since 1999. A keen marathoner and occasional actor he lives and works in Auckland after moving here from India. He teaches evening workshops in introductory meditation throughout the year.



Preetidutta works in a vegetarian cafe and was once an Olympic level contender in yachting. She visited New York on many occasions to study meditation with Sri Chinmoy.