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We do hope that you have gained some inspiration from this online meditation course - and that you have taken the step of adding the daily practice of meditation to your lifestyle. As they are a work in progress, these pages will be expanded over time - we warmly encourage you to visit them as often as you wish. As time passes, we often need to refresh our inspiration in order to move forward on our journey of inner progress. As such, the subsequent pages will be developed to advance your meditation practice step by step.

Included below are some links to various pages that we feel will inspire and assist you as well. We do hope that your meditation practice flourishes and becomes the foundation of your life-experience.

Do Not Give Up! Do not give up! He who gives up Never reaches the Satisfaction-Shore. Who knows? Each attempt of yours may bring you Many exceptionally heart-enlightening Heaven-prosperities. - Sri Chinmoy.

Some Helpful Meditation Links:


On This Site

Sri Chinmoy's Homepage

  • Sri Chinmoy: the complete official source. Information about Sri Chinmoy and a comprehensive section dealing with meditation, spirituality and other related topics.

Other Sites

  • Sri Chinmoy TV offers Meditation-Silence - simple meditation exercises with video clips of Sri Chinmoy meditating. You will also find Music Videos of Sri Chinmoy in concert and performing on a variety of instruments.
  • Radio Sri Chinmoy offers a collection of Sri Chinmoy's music recordings which includes meditative flute music: The Life River, performances on a variety of instruments, singing his own songs and reciting his own poetry.
  • Sri Chinmoy Library – A great number of Sri Chinmoy's books are available to read online. May we suggest that you try searching for keywords such as 'meditation' and other related topics in the library's search tool.
  • Sri Chinmoy Books – Sri Chinmoy's books and music CDs may also be purchased through Sri Chinmoy Books – a directory of the titles and distributors around the world.

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