Articles on Meditation

Inspired by the teachings of Sri Chinmoy and their personal experiences of meditation, some of our members have written articles on the subject - offerings of their inspiration.

Sri Chinmoy Meditating

Sri Chinmoy: meditation-poise in plenitude...

Meditation - Touching The Infinite

"What is meditation? Most of us have had meditative moments at some time in our lives often without realising what they are – moments when all the usual preoccupations and thoughts of the mind fall away, leaving us with an experience of calm, clarity, delight."

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Fast Track To God

"One of the fruits of meditation is self-knowledge – and one of the gains of self-knowledge is a growing understanding of our soul’s promise and purpose on earth. This rarely comes as a sudden revelation but emerges instead over a handful of years, a precious fruit ripening on our life-tree or a slow and gradual dawn."

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A Swimming Pool Meditation

"To be living on this earth when a great master lives, breathes, moves amongst us – what an incalculable blessing. We read about the highest of these, the Avatars, but usually their physical absence numbers long centuries, even longer millennia, though their legacy is eternal."

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Music and Meditation

"Meditation is a wonderful lifeskill for musicians to master, and offers many positive benefits especially in the area of composition and creativity because so much of our artistic, creative talents have their origin in a deeper part of our being, the 'nest of silence' which Sri Chinmoy speaks of so lucidly."

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"Learning meditation has been the most rewarding and beneficial persuit in my life. In such a short time and with very little personal effort, I have been so suprised at the effects I have experienced in my practice of meditation. Now it has become a part of my life that feeds my soul, opens my heart and charges me with inner energy and enthusiasm for life."

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Meditation Nights at the Sri Chinmoy Centre

"Centre meditation nights are a highlight in my week, when I always have my best meditations and my aspiration seems to multiply. My spiritual family – seventy other members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Auckland also join me in our meditation room, which is abundantly decorated with flowers, spiritual books, photos and Sri Chinmoy’s beautiful bird paintings. The incense is wafting through and the room is pin-drop silent. A few of us are reading on cushions while we wait for more to arrive. The singing starts in the next room led by melodies on the harmonium."

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Prayer and Meditation - two wings to fly...

"I was taught to pray from a very early age. At home our family would recite the rosary several times of an evening. Interestingly enough, we did not face each other but rather kneeled facing away from the centre of the circle, each of us propped up on a chair, leaning into the seat, eyes closed."

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On Meditation

"I was attracted to meditation because I needed to alleviate the stress that I found inside me as I dealt with my lifestyle, being a PhD science student (with a scholarship from MAF) and an odd-job professional musician."

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Life Can Be A Meditation

"When a child is raised with meditation as part of their life since before they can remember, sometimes it is hard for them to recognise what the benefits actually are. I asked my 14 year old daughter, Plabita, who was only 8 months old when I began meditating at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, how she thought meditation helped her."

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How Meditation Can Transform Your Life

"The easiest way to achieve this experience in our own lives is through the regular practise of meditation. Meditation, in essence, is the experience of calming and quietening the mind to discover the vastness, peace and tranquility that we all have within."

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Meditation in the Modern Age

"The practice of meditation began thousands of years ago, and was perhaps first documented in the ancient Hindu texts called the Vedas. Passed from teacher to student in an oral fashion, it is uncertain when exactly they took birth. Indeed, some argue that they have existed through eternity. In ancient times, it was common for yogis to practice meditation in remote areas such as the forest or mountain caves."

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