Meditation Course – Learn to Meditate Online

An introduction to the essential basics of meditation

Ocean Meditation

What a wonderful thing it is to learn meditation. With practice the mind becomes clear and peaceful, the heart is filled with an inner happiness, our life in every little part is coloured by the inner calm and joyfulness which meditation brings to the fore. Sitting in your favourite place you can learn to still the mind, discarding any distracting thoughts as you follow the breath within. Like sitting on a riverbank watching the water flow by, you watch the play of the mind with detachment, letting everything flow away as you enter into an inner stillness and silence.

Here in this tranquil inner space you are reconnecting with the spiritual part of your nature. This is not an imaginary world, an escape from reality – this is reality, this is what you are in your essential nature, this is what you will become.

If the outer life is the restlessness of the ocean surface, the constant movement of waves, then meditation is the silence of the ocean floor, the tranquility of the depths. Inside your soul, an ocean of peace lies waiting. If you practice meditation regularly you will gradually access this growing calm and happiness – and like the fragrance of a flower, the fragrance of the soul will permeate every part of your life.

The Path

Each of us begins meditation with a goal of our own – curiosity, a wish to overcome stress or become more peaceful, perhaps a desire to know ourselves and our potentials more deeply. As we achieve these early goals, new goals emerge and today's accomplishment becomes only the starting point of tomorrow's new journey. And as a flower opens and blossoms, so do we begin to see our own infinite capacities open and blossom and our life flower into a greater happiness, a deeper peace and a more abiding satisfaction.

One of the mysteries of life is that we don't really know who we are. We think of ourselves in such finite terms, as mind, personality, body, profession. But we are essentially spiritual beings trying to reunite with our souls, with the freedom and happiness of our true selves – we are eternal travellers trying to find our way home.

Begin by thinking of meditation as a journey – your own abiding happiness is the goal. If you are ready to begin this journey, then the guidelines in the following pages will greatly help you – and now is the best time to start. Come, let us explore the way forward together...