Humanitarian Aid Shipments

Shipments from New Zealand

August 2000: Mozambique – Graca Machel A large amount of clothing and household items were shipped to Mozambique to assist people who had lost their homes and personal belongings as a result of floods.

August 2002: Angola – Rede Mulher de Angola Responding to an urgent appeal for basic medical and pharmaceutical supplies, we approached local companies and hospitals and received donations of antibiotics, vitamins and other items. An air shipment valued at NZ$7,000 left for Angola a few days later.

September 2002: Angola – Feed the Children Following our initial air shipment to Angola, we launched an appeal for clothing, blankets and other household items through local newspapers. We also approached hospitals and local companies for donations of rehabilitation equipment (for landmine victims) and basic hygiene products. Approximately six weeks later, we had collected enough to fill a 20 foot container, and with help from a local shipping company we were able to despatch this shipment to Angola (Value - NZ$70,000).

October 2002: Auckland – Kids to Kids Project In early October 2002, we launched a unique programme with primary and intermediate schools called the Kids to Kids project. This programme invited children in New Zealand to put together Children’s Blossoming Friendship Kits, or small bags of basic items for children in Southern Africa. Each kit included items such as reading books, stationery, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothing and toys. The idea was that this project would not only give hope to children in Southern Africa in a very tangible way, but also provide New Zealand children with an understanding of the hardship and suffering that many children in poorer countries endure on a daily basis. The Kids to Kids project was extremely successful and nearly 2000 Kids Kits were collected as a result of the programme.

April 2003: Calcutta, India – Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity We became aware of an urgent appeal by Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity for basic supplies and children’s items in late April 2003, and were fortunate to obtain free air freight from a local company for a small shipment of medical supplies, clothing and toys, which left a few days later. Approx. value - NZ$1,000. June 2003: Johannesburg, South Africa – The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the Ububeli Orphanage in South Africa has more than 700,000 children who have been orphaned as a result of AIDS. After hearing about the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the pioneering work they have done for children in South Africa, we decided to help. Our first shipment was two large boxes of educational material and sports equipment (soccer balls) sent by air. Valued at NZ$1,000.

July 2003: Mozambique, The Foundation for Community Development Our most recent shipment was a 20 foot container of Children’s Blossoming Friendship Kits, clothing, medical supplies, toys and sports equipment. This shipment is currently en route to Mozambique, where it will be received by the Foundation for Community Development, a local NGO that focuses on education and development to assist communities in becoming self supporting. Valued at NZ$50,000.