Interfaith music concert in Auckland

Recently, the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre organised a memorable evening of music as part of their contribution to the local interfaith community. At the event, there were ten local groups performing from various traditions. The concept was for different spiritual and religious groups to come together to share a free concert of peaceful and meditative music.

mukti giti
Mukti Giti - a group from the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre

There were singers and instrumentalists from Sikh, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Tzu Chi and various other musical traditions. The evening showcased the diversity of Auckland’s cultures and their spirit of co-operation.

Group Finale

The concert – ‘Sounds of the Sacred’ – was held at the Fickling Centre in Mt Eden and was enthusiastically received by a capacity crowd.

Throughout his life, Sri Chinmoy often participated in interfaith events, as an active reminder we all come from the same Source. Sri Chinmoy also felt music was a powerful vehicle for bringing to the fore a sense of heartfelt oneness. He taught music can easily cut across social and religious divides by touching the heart of all who listen.

“Music will play a most important role in bringing about world oneness, for music embodies the Universal Heart, the Oneness-Heart. Music transcends the barriers of nations, nationalities and religions.”

Sri Chinmoy 1

sikh youth
Sikh Youth

Monk Party

Monk Party perform Ami Kandibona - published at Radio Sri Chinmoy.

monk party

St Mark's Gospel Choir
Family Federation for World Peace



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