Inspiration-Letters: Experiences with Sri Chinmoy

Inspiration-Letters is a periodical collection of writings by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, each on a different topic. For the most recent edition, the topic was Experiences with Guru, featuring writings from Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and the USA.

Guru - a Sanskrit word for a spiritual Master - is the name by which Sri Chinmoy's students usually refer to their teacher, and each of these essays offers a glimpse through the student's eyes of what having a spiritual teacher of Sri Chinmoy's calibre is like.

Sri Chinmoy offers prasad after a public meditation. Prasad is an Indian tradition where a spiritual master offers food that has been specially blessed.

Essays in this edition

From the many incidents detailed in these seven essays, two themes stand out - how spiritual Masters such as Sri Chinmoy can infuse the smallest interactions and everyday occurences with spiritual power and meaning, and also how much he valued dedicated service and self-giving as a means of spiritual progress.

  • The Universal Guru by Mahiruha Klein, USA
    Mahiruha recalls arranging a ceremony for Sri Chinmoy with the professors of the university where he was studying. more »
  • Being with Guru by Purnakama Rajna, Canada
    "...I was never a disciple who had any kind of outer relationship with Guru. He never called me out of a prasad line to speak to me or ask me a question, and that’s the way it was for many of us. There were just too many of us for that to be a reality, but that didn’t mean that we couldn’t feel his inner the blink of an eye Guru could send you a silent blessing that would leave you in bliss, almost unaware of the outer world..." more »
  • One summer afternoon by Jogyata Dallas, New Zealand more »
    "...We were running up and down the ladder of consciousness, from mind to soul to mind to soul, being shown that inner peace, stillness, soulfulness are quickly accessible through practice and intent, that meditation can be found and practised anywhere..." more »
  • Angels and Elevators, and China Memories by Sharani Robins, USA
    "...While the Christmas Trip with Guru included many highlights, what I remember most is an experience that might be classified as a morality tale...." more »
  • A few stories with Guru Sri Chinmoy by Suchana Cao, Argentina
    Three short and cute stories from visits to see Sri Chinmoy in New York and from our yearly Christmas trip. more »
  • One touch by Patanga Cordeiro, Brazil
    Patanga describes an experience showing how even the touch of a spiritual Master can bestow an experience that still remains with him to this day. more »
  • Three (well-documented) recollections by Dhiraja McBryde, New Zealand
    "Fungible is the human memory – fungible and frangible and fragile. There are fungi in there – dry rot, and mildew and a few lurid mushrooms. We think that we remember, we think the old synapses are recording it all like dutiful stenographers, like scribes in the Akashic records department – but we are mistaken...." more »

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