Sri Chinmoy Enterprises in New Zealand

The Lotus-Heart vegetarian restaurant in Christchurch

In response to the growing trend towards conscious eating, The Lotus-Heart is dedicated to creating a global cuisine naturally. We use the freshest non-GMO ingredients, organic where possible, pure vegetable oils and non-aluminium cookware. We include a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes free of dairy, gluten and low in fats. Enter the heart of the lotus, a vegetarian haven where your meal will not only satisfy your tastebuds, but also nurture your soul. The Lotus-Heart is now situated on St Asaph Street in Christchurch.

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Gandharva Loka - world music store in Christchurch

A world music store offering unique musical instruments from all over the world, Gandharva Loka Christchurch has its roots in Europe – with stores in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The name Gandharva Loka originates from the Sanskrit language and means The Abode of the Celestial Musicians. Founded in 1989, the simple philosophy behind Gandharva Loka is to inspire people to try new musical instruments, new cultures and to learn a bit more about themselves. Gandharva Loka stores carry an extraordinary variety of world instruments and also offer unique music workshops and concerts.

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