Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre

Welcome to the homepage of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. Established on June 02, 1996, the Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre offers a number of services to the community through our enterprises and activities, which are listed below.

"The highest meditation comes
Through self-giving
And selfless service
To the world."
    – Sri Chinmoy.


sri-chinmoy-meditation.jpgThe Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre offers several free 'learn to meditate' workshops each year. These include introductory talks, structured classes, weekend workshops and special events such as music and mantra sessions and concerts. Our classes provide an opportunity for people to learn the basics of meditation, share the uplifting benefits of group meditation, and to set up and gain inspiration for personal meditation practise at home.

Our meditation classes are free of charge at the request of our meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy (pictured right), who felt that the aspiration and capacity to meditate has an innate source within each of us and is, therefore, not something that we should put a price on. He also saw great value in service to others as he considered humanity to be a oneness-world-family.

Upcoming Meditation Classess

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  • Brochures are also available from The Lotus-Heart vegetarian restaurant at 363 St Asaph Street (between Fitzgerald Avenue and Barbadoes Street).


THE LOTUS-HEART– vegetarian restaurant

tlh-logo.jpgThe Lotus-Heart was originally established as a small vegetarian café at 595 Colombo Street on February 13, 1997, and is one of many vegetarian restaurants and cafés around the world that are independently owned and operated by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. These enterprises are inspired by Sri Chinmoy's vision for a oneness-world-family founded upon peace and love. Sri Chinmoy offered the name 'The Lotus-Heart' to the café in April of 1997. When he visited New Zealand in late 2002, Sri Chinmoy wrote a song for The Lotus-Heart and also visited the café in person in January 2003 – a very special occasion for the members of the Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre.

the-lotus-heart.jpgOn January 07 2008, a second branch of The Lotus-Heart was opened as a full-service vegetarian restaurant on the first floor of the Old Post Office building in Cathedral Square. Following the earthquakes that devastated Christchurch city on February 22, 2011, and which saw the partial collapse of the building that housed the original café and the closure of the central business district, The Lotus Heart with its little gift shop was relocated beyond the edge of the CBD to 363 St Asaph Street and was up and running again within just five months. The Lotus-Heart restaurant now encorporates a gift shop and a health and nutrician boutique and Gandharva Loka (see below).

GANDHARVA LOKA – the world music store

gl-logo.jpgGandharva Loka is a music store that offers musical instruments from all over the world. Originally established in Christchurch on March 07 2008 at 597 Colombo Street, it was the first Gandharva Loka in the Southern Hemisphere. Like the Lotus-Heart café, the building it was housed in suffered partial collapse during the earthquakes of Februaly 11, 2011, and the enterprise was moved to 363 St Asaph Street to share the same building that houses The Lotus-Heart and reopened on December 06 2011.

SRI CHINMOY MARATHON TEAM – running races and fun-runs

scmt-logo.jpgIn the spirit of fitness, health and self-transcendence (going beyond ones perceived limitations), the Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team offers a series of running events each year. These include 2.5 km fun runs for children, various distances from 5 km through to half and full marathons, and a '100km, 50 Mile and 50km Ultra Trio' race that is held annually in the Autumn months (usually in May).

"Run! You can easily challenge the pride of frightening distance." – Sri Chinmoy.

Upcoming Races and Fun Runs


A photo gallery featuring various events and activities involving the Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre over the years.


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