World Harmony Run

The World Harmony Run in New Zealand

The World Harmony Run is an international relay that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. As a symbol of harmony, runners carry a flaming torch, passing it from hand to hand between members of thousands of local communities, travelling through over 70 nations around the globe.

This event is a true grassroots event that touches the lives of millions of people along its route. The runners visit schools, community groups, running clubs, and local and national government organisations. At these stops they celebrate the goal of world harmony as well as recognise people in the community who work for harmony in their own special way.

The World Harmony Run - New Zealand

The World Harmony Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy - a tireless ambassador for global harmony - and does not seek to raise money or highlight any political cause, but simply strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations and strengthen a sense of international brotherhood and oneness.

If you would like more information or wish to participate, please visit: The World Harmony Run New Zealand - or kindly Contact Us.