About the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Established in New Zealand since 1983

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Members of the global Sri Chinmoy Centre gather for Sri Chinmoy's birthday

We all long for inner peace and self-perfection, but few of us ever discover a method to achieve these in any lasting fashion. Successfully tried and tested over the course of millennia, meditation is recognised as a powerful life skill that brings a lasting and tangible sense of peace, joy and happiness to those who practice it. To this end, the Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free meditation classes year-round and provides a peaceful haven where its members meet to practice.

The philosophy of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is simple – to improve the world around us we must first improve ourselves. Rather than depending on political or economic solutions to the world's problems, the Centre works from the premise that it is within the individual that the solutions to all our problems exists. Through regular meditation and the awakening of our spiritual life, the cure-all of inner peace can solve all of our challenges, clearing aside the doubts, insecurities, fears, unhappiness and other ailments that beset us. Only then when individuals of the world are flooded with peace, light and joy, will we have a world where outer harmony and brotherhood are predominant.

"Anything that binds you, unlearn it. Anything that blinds you, unlearn it. Anything that limits you, unlearn it. Anything that awakens you, learn it. Anything that liberates you, learn it. Anything that fulfils you, learn it." - Sri Chinmoy.

For over four decades the Sri Chinmoy Centre has endeavoured to serve the twin goals of world harmony and inner peace. Through musical concerts, athletic events, meditation classes and humanitarian aid, the Centre has fashioned a repertoire of initiatives with a single aim – the fulfilment of the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre gather in Christchurch as part of the World Harmony Run in 1993

Fundamental to all the endeavours of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is a belief in our divine potential, the spiritual heritage of all humanity as commonly described by the great religions. We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The fostering of inner peace and outer harmony then is but a natural extension of our intrinsically spiritual nature. In seeking inner peace we seek to reconnect with this; in fostering outer harmony we then reveal our divine nature – inner peace – to the entire world.

The cornerstone of the Sri Chinmoy Centre's activities is meditation, for it can be said that meditation is the very beginning and end of spirituality itself. Meditation transforms the experience of spirituality for it's practitioners from a theoretical knowledge to a living immersion, bringing to the fore the peace, joy, light and love that is locked away deep inside all of us.

Sri Chinmoy himself believes in the acceptance of life for its eventual transformation and perfection. Thus members of the Centre combine spirituality and inner awareness with dynamism and outer activity, bringing the ancient truths of meditation into the hustle and bustle of our every day life.

"Do you need happiness? Then do just three things: Meditate regularly. Smile soulfully. Love untiringly." - Sri Chinmoy.

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