Third Visit: June 29-July 1, 1995

June 29th

Upon arrival in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, Sri Chinmoy visits parliament where he meets Prime Minister Jim Bolger in the Prime Minister's offices in the "Beehive" (Parliament Building) for 25 minutes.

June 30th

Sri Chinmoy visits the Auckland Centre's enterprise, The Kettledrum Cafe. In 1997, The Kettledrum moved to its present location in Dominion Road and was renamed The Blue Bird by Sri Chinmoy. He also visited Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World.

That evening Sri Chinmoy performs his third New Zealand concert at Auckland's Aotea Centre; the concert hall is filled to capacity and others wait outside. Mayor Les Mills welcomes Sri Chinmoy to Auckland at the start of the concert.

July 1st

Sri Chinmoy runs in 100 metre race at the Sri Chinmoy Masters Games at Auckland's Ericsson Stadium in Penrose. Barry Magee (marathon champion and former New Zealand Olympic representative in 10,000 metres) presents Sri Chinmoy with an "Athletics New Zealand Sports Award"