First Visit: November 26-28, 1987

November 26th

At noon Sri Chinmoy plays the Auckland Town Hall pipe organ, the largest organ in the country and in the afternoon spends 2 hours on with his students on an Auckland harbour boat cruise. He also has an on-board interview with a journalist from "Whole Health" magazine which results in a three page article.

November 27th

Sri Chinmoy visits local gyms and meets a number of local weightlifters.

In the evening he performs his first New Zealand concert at the Logan Campbell Centre to an audience of 3,700 for over 3 hours. Another 2,000 wait outside.

Sri Chinmoy sings the first performance of the New Zealand song at the concert:

New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand! Within, without, God-Beauty's Hand. Softness-life and oneness-heart you are. The whole world loves you from near and far. The lamb land, lamb land, the number one. Ignorance-supremacy you shun.

After the concert a function is held in the Centre which at that time overlooked the Manukau Harbour.

November 28th

At 8:00am Sri Chinmoy departs for a 5-day visit to Australia after a Maori farewell ceremony in the VIP lounge at Auckland International Airport.

En route back to New York via Auckland Airport after leaving Australia, Sri Chinmoy performs string and number magic tricks while he waits in transit.