Biography of Sri Chinmoy - Part 5

A legacy for harmony...

Sri Chinmoy has infused every part of his lifetime of service with humility, concern and a heartfelt compassion for all human beings. With his unswerving belief in the goodness of the human heart, he reminds us of our intrinsic spiritual nature and that by bringing this to the forefront of our lives the entire world will eventually become a better place.

It is each individual, Sri Chinmoy believes, who is ultimately responsible for the betterment and perfection of our world – world harmony begins with each one of us.

Sri Chinmoy Meditating

Sri Chinmoy Meditating

"Just as a rose has many petals, all of which add to the beauty and fragrance of the rose, so too the world shall become one world-family. Together we shall live in harmony in a spirit of self-giving for the good of all. By giving joy to others and by receiving inspiration from others, each individual will contribute to the perfection of the whole." – Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy brings to our modern world the timeless truths embodied in the lives and teachings of other great sages and luminaries before him, charting out a fresh course – a map of the sacred journey – in the age old quest for fulfillment and happiness that lies at the heart of all human life. In a life of simple living yet extraordinary activity, he has dedicated himself to the spiritual awakening of humanity which he regards as the most pressing challenge of our time.

Here is an authentic and much loved spiritual master whose contributions towards the goal of world harmony and spirituality will be treasured for a very long time to come.
In the words of one dignitary: "From ages past, from the Vedic vision of life, from Lord Buddha, to Christ, to Mahatma Gandhi in our own time, through many saints and savants, the spirit of spirituality in man has been expressed. You personify the spirit in that great tradition. Sri Chinmoy, we are deeply indebted to you."

Sri Chinmoy's Passing – October 11, 2007

Beloved Spiritual Teacher Sri Chinmoy Passes Away. Internationally renowned world harmony leader, spiritual teacher and humanitarian Sri Chinmoy passed away peacefully on the morning of 11 October at his home in Queens, New York. He was 76 years of age. During the memorial week at a private ceremony, UN officials, religious leaders of all faiths, political figures, humanitarian workers, renowned musicians and world-class athletes from all around the world joined thousands of followers to pay final tributes to the beloved spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. They gathered to express their condolences on Sri Chinmoy’s sudden passing at a meditation garden in New York where his body lay in wake. Read more...

Sri Chinmoy


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