Biography of Sri Chinmoy - Part 3

Service to World Harmony


In each of the fields of music, literature, art, poetry, sports, Sri Chinmoy's contributions have been remarkable – collectively they form a most distinguished legacy and a source of inspiration to many people seeking a deeper purpose and meaning to life. Sri Chinmoy's anthology of published works, the great volume and variety of his accomplishments and the global reach of his activities have created the foundations of a spiritual and philosophical world view that seems likely to endure for a very long time. These well-documented achievements include:

The publication of over 1600 books of poetry, plays, university talks, essays and writings on spirituality. Major publishers of his works include Simon and Schuster, Harper and Row, Hazelden, Health Communications and Blue Dove Press. Two of Sri Chinmoy's books – the very popular 'how-to' guidebook Meditation and the more recent Wings of Joy – are international top sellers and many of his books have been translated into at least 14 languages. Several libraries and institutions worldwide hold entire collections of his published works. Please feel welcome to visit Sri Chinmoy Library and Sri Chinmoy Poetry.

Books By Sri Chinmoy
Sri Chinmoy's Jharna Kala Art

Creating thousands of acrylic paintings, displayed in galleries worldwide. Sri Chinmoy calls his artwork Jharna Kala, a Bengali phrase meaning "fountain art", a reference to it's spontaneous and flowing style. His often abstract art varies from miniature works to huge murals. A number of his paintings form permanent features in galleries and institutions worldwide. The late Raisa Gorbachev, wife of former President Mikhail Gorbachev, described Sri Chinmoy's paintings as "a meeting with the nobility of the human soul".

Drawing millions of bird sketches, or 'soul-birds' – rapidly executed pen and ink drawings of avian images depicting the inner qualities of the human soul. Many commentators and art critics have hailed this achievement as one of the most striking and singular in modern art and selections from Sri Chinmoy's anthology of bird sketches have been displayed in many notable venues including JFK International Airport; the United Nations Headquarters; UNESCO, Paris; London's Mall Galleries and The Louvre in Paris. Please feel welcome to visit Sri Chinmoy Art.

Sri Chinmoy's Soul Birds
Sri Chinmoy's Concerts

Offering over 700 concerts of his own meditative compositions to audiences of up to 19,000 people, often in major auditoriums worldwide and always free of charge. Sri Chinmoy is a prolific composer of devotional music and accomplished on many instruments, in particular the stringed Indian esraj on which he is regarded as a maestro. He commonly performs on up to 20 different instruments in concert, specialising in the cello, Western echo flute, Indian harmonium, piano and violin. Sri Chinmoy has dedicated a number of concerts to prominent political figures – including 13 concerts dedicated to President Mikhail Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union – and to other prominent cultural and religious figures such as Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Leonard Bernstein. Sri Chinmoy has been an inspiration to many talented musicians in the classical, rock, folk and new age fields. Please feel welcome to visit Sri Chinmoy Concerts.

Composing many thousands of songs - a large percentage in his native Bengali language – which have been recorded on numerous CDs and audio cassettes. Setting his own words to music rapidly and spontaneously, Sri Chinmoy composes dozens of songs in a single session using his native Bengali notation. Please feel welcome to visit Sri Chinmoy Songs and Radio Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy Sings
Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

The creation of the international Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team which each year hosts some 600 athletic events worldwide, ranging from road races and triathlons to the world's longest foot races. Sri Chinmoy is considered to be an inspiration behind the revival of ultra distance running worldwide and a number of his followers hold current world records. His New York based marathon team hosts the longest foot races in the world – a trio of 700, 1,000 and 1,300 mile races called the Ultimate Ultras, as well as an annual 3,100 mile race which is held around a 1 kilometre loop in suburban Queens, New York. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is recognised for a high standard of organisation and for its support of athletes.

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